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Maximise your profit with TikTok Ads! We run ads that not only increase your shop's sales, but also your ROAS!

Why TikTOK?

TikTok - the goldmine for online shops

How we support you

Our scope of services

TikTok Ads Management

Get more revenue with TikTok Ads. We manage your ad account and plan your campaigns.

Video Ads Creation

High-converting product videos for your TikTok Ads. Our creators produce the best creatives for you.

Conversion optimisation

With optimised copy & UX on your product page, we ensure more conversion & sales.

Reporting & Analysis

All KPIs transparent and at a glance. You receive all campaign insights and key figures.

You win - We win

100% performance-based pricing

High minimum contract period? High monthly fees without a success component? No, thanks - we don't want to be that kind of agency. We are different.

Our billing is 100% success-based! This means that we receive a percentage of the sales generated by the TikTok campaigns in your shop.

This means you have no risk and only have to pay us if we deliver results.

We admit, a daring model for us - but we see the advantages above all:

Our goals are financially aligned - we both want to generate the maximum revenue for your shop. The more successful our campaign, the higher your turnover and the better our remuneration. Win-win for both of us.

Take the first step!

The course of a cooperation

Step 1: Initial interview

During the free initial consultation, we get to know each other and see if there is potential for cooperation.

We discuss your individual situation and your experiences with ads & agencies on other platforms.

Finally, we discuss the pricing & set the parameters for the cooperation.

Step 2: Content Creation

We search for the best creators for your target group and have individual ad videos produced for your products and niche.

This step is crucial for the success of the advertising campaigns.

Step 3: Ads Management

We place the ads for your shops and plan your advertising campaigns.

We use A/B tests and experiment with different combinations of ad creatives and targeting settings.

Step 4: Optimisation of the KPIs

As an agency, we only earn something if we generate sales for you.

We therefore not only optimise the classic advertising KPIs such as CPC, CPM, CTR and ROAS, but also the conversion rate in your Shopify or Woo-Commerce shop.

Goal: Highly profitable campaigns for your shop

Your success is our success

Your advantages with us as a TikTok agency

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